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a meeting. no word on a motive in the case. >>> police need your help finding this man. diego mendoza of culpeper is accused of rear ending another car in fauquier county last sunday. police say mendoza hit a scion forcing it off the road. this man died in the crash. mendoza ran from the scene. if you know where he is, call police. >>> d.c. detectives are asking for your help this morning to find the person who shot and killed a man in southeast. the shooting happened early yesterday morning. investigators found 23-year-old angelo payne lying on the ground with several gunshot wounds. he died on the scene. police are offering a $25,000 reward for information that helps solve this crime. >>> we now know the name of the woman killed in a town house fire in green belt. prince george's county officials say 86-year-old betty starry died in the friday night fire. two others were injured trying to escape. investigators say the fire broke out inside a town home on laurel hill road. they are still trying to figure out what caused it. >>> new revelations this morning about the former maryland d
with their students. parents like victor mendoza looked at the flier. it's something he was apprehensive about. >> i don't know how i would deal wit. especially if it was at my son's school. >> if we keep them informed and we are informed, we just have to pray and help for the best. >> reporter: oakland unified school district has a staff of dozens of child psychologists and counselors they are available whenever violence strikes in oakland. >> we do have a certain level of readiness that we've acquired just because of the climate and the situations we're required to grapple with. >> reporter: now the counseling staff is on stand by to help children deal with the tragedy. >> because of the youth of the victims and the tragedy of death. >> reporter: before parents speak to their kids they need to assess their feelings first. >> to think through what you feel so you don't scare your kids. >> reporter: let your kids ask questions but above all reassure them. >> make sure that kids know that the adults around are looking out for them. ready to help them both with their feelings and any real threats that
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2